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Jardin des Collines

A season of fresh produce, subscription for summer 2024

A season of fresh produce, subscription for summer 2024

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For payment by installments, contact us 😊

Mini: ~20$ of produce per week
Small: ~30$ of produce per week
Medium: ~40$ of produce per week
Large: ~50$ of produce per week

Our basket sizes don't fit your needs?
Contact us for custom sizes!

Delivery: Our delivery zone covers a radius of about 25km around the farm through parts of Cantley, Gatineau and Val-des-Monts. If we are unable to deliver to your adress we will contact you. Delivery fees are 7$ per basket. Deliveries will be Thursdays between 3PM & 9PM. 

Pickup: We have a protected area on the farm where your refrigerated basket can be picked up, but we are not opened for public visits at the same time.*

    Dates: From the last week of June to the second of October (could change due to weather), every week for 18 weeks in total or every other week for 9 weeks in total.

    Basket content: Each basket is personalized based on your pre-season survey. The survey tells us which produce you like more or less (or never want to receive) and your basket content is adjusted based on our harvests and your preferences, but you do not choose the content of every basket. Since each basket will be filled based on your preferences (following your answers to our survey) you will not be allowed to remove or exchange products.

    If you like a bit of everything, you can also choose our Farmer's choice basket to maximize diversity!

    You can access the survey here.

    If you have already filled our survey in 2023, you do not need to fill it again, but you can contact us if you want to make any adjustments.

    We produce eggs, fruits, vegetables, microgreens, and mushrooms. Examples include, but are not limited to: asparagus, beet, sweet corn, tomato, cherry tomato, chive, green onion, onion, lettuce, melon, mesclun spring mix, radish, rhubarb, garlic, garlic scape, spinach, cucumber, pepper, hot pepper, carrot, snap pea, bean, broccolini, cabbage, zucchini, eggplant, squash.

    The quantity of produce per basket is calculated based on the unit price of each item. Since most produce are not ready to harvest before mid-August, the first few baskets of the season are typically smaller in size (as to avoid filling you with too much of the same things!) compared to your chosen basket size. Baskets closer to the end of the season tend to be larger than your chosen basket size, but have a greater diversity and storage produce such as onions, squashes, potatoes, carrots, etc. A typical basket size through the season relative to your chosen basket size is depicted bellow. 

    Add-ons: A few days before every basket, you will receive by email a list of its content. You will be able to add produce to that basket through our online farm stand without any extra fee. Produce available on the online farm stand and that week's "extras" and will thus vary week to week!

    Partnerships: Although most of the produce will be grown by us, we are blessed to be able to partner with our amazing community of gardeners. We all have our strengths and weaknesses, so are delighted to be able bring to you specialties from other local farms and share with you their bountiful harvests! We choose partners who follow similar farming practices. We will always let you know where your produce are from.


    More details about our basket system.

    Contact us for if you have any questions!

    *It is your responsibility to contact us if you cannot pick up your basket. Baskets not picked up during the weekly allotted hours will be donated and you will still be charged. 

    This product is non-refundable.

    Contact us for different payment options.


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