Preference survey 🥕

Subscribers! It's time to fill your preference survey

The deadline for completing the survey is April 1st.


Thanks for joining us this awesome season! Now is the time to let us know your preferences! 😎 This allows us to distribute our weekly harvests based on your preferences!

Returning subscribers

You do not have to fill the survey again if you filled it in 2023. 

Did you receive way too much/way too little of a crop? If you do want to make changes to your survey or change to “Farmer’s choice”, you can just let us know by emailing us (all this will be available from your account in a couple of years!). 👨‍💻

First time subscribers

 If you do not want to customize your basket, please still fill the survey to confirm your choice to receive the "Farmers' Choice" basket. 

After the deadline, we will assume that you do not want to personalize your basket and you will receive the "Farmers Choice" basket by default.
You will have the option to choose the frequency and quantity of each vegetable. If you only want to choose the frequency, but not the quantity, simply leave the quantity question at "0" (default answer) and we will assign you an average quantity.
All details in the link.

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Don't hesitate to contact us if you have problems or questions!