Regenerative agriculture,

accessible to all

An agricultural system that regenerates ecosystems, while providing fresh, affordable food.

Regenerating ecosystems means sequestering carbon, creating habitats, increasing biodiversity, and using tools and systems that are sustainable.

Regenerating ecosystems does not mean the consumer is paying more - this is not part of a sustainable ecosystem. The only way to make a real change in the world is by creating a regenerative agricultural system that everyone can afford.

We're making that change.

Freshly grown in Gatineau

Jardin des Collines is an ecological farm located in Gatineau in the Outaouais region. Providing fresh, tasty and affordable fruits, vegetables, mushroom, eggs and microgreens without compromise!

Going beyond traditional market gardening.

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  • Fresh and local

    Nothing compares to the taste of freshly harvested produce grown in your community.

  • Customized

    Tell us your tastes through our pre-season survey and we tailor our farm plan to produce and provide what you like!

  • Ecological yet affordable

    You don't have to pay extra for ecological food. You just have to order in advance. This reduces waste by as much as 30% and we pass the savings to you.

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Our sustainably harvested lumber is now available

Wood is a key element for our farm.

It is used to build many structures, the bark left after cutting is used to fuel the heating system of our buildings, the sawdust is used to feed our mushrooms and to landscape our paths and driveways.