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Jardin des Collines

Custom pine lumber

Custom pine lumber

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Pine wood, custom sawn in planks, beams or any cuts of your choice!

6" wide and 8' long maximum. For wider or longer cuts and other wood types or volumes, contact us!

Free pickup at Gatineau site.

Contact us for delivery fees.

Sustainable wood - Our family forests are always selectively cut for sustainable forestry.

Selective logging is a method of cutting trees to preserve the quality of the forest. The goal is to leave the healthiest and strongest trees to maintain the biodiversity and productivity of the forest.

After you purchase, we will contact you be email with the subject "Custom sawn pine lumber" to take in your cut order. All pieces are 8' long, but can vary in height and width. Contact us to know if longer pieces are in stock.


What is a FBM? One foot board measure (FBM) measures the volume of lumber equivalent to 144 inches cube, such as 12" by 12" by 1". For example, one (1) FBM for a board that is 1" thick and 6" wide would give you 24" long of board (1" x 6" x 24" = 144 inches cube).

As a guide:

FBM Height (inches) Width (inches) Length (feet)
4 1" 6" 8'
5 1/3 2" 4" 8'
8 2" 6" 8'
24 6" 6" 8'

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